Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Besotted With Hope

President Obama's Inauguration
January 20, 2009

Still can't quite process the experience-- the day we accomplished 2 very different but significant things: swearing in Barack Obama as president, and finally getting rid of Bush.
Noel, Lisa, Kate and I will be reminiscing about this day when we're in our rocking chairs.
Maureen Dowd said it best Op-Ed Columnist - Exit the Boy King -

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  1. Hi B,
    The comments about music are fascinating and I wonder if/why some folks ever/never expand from their favorite genre. The first music I listened to seriously (besides my piano lessons) was opera and now I rarely listen to it, but have discovered other music. I think your point about emotion is correct: there are periods in life when there's too much emotion in specific music to handle....that was wonderfully expressed by your acting like the Baltimore Symphony orchestra was presenting a rock concert.

    Thanks also for the photos of the Day of all Days....your foursome will never forget that day.